Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Trip to Kompleks Kraf Tangan Kuala Lumpur ( PART 2)

PART 2 Before I talk about what we saw, let me tell you a story. When we reached there the teacher announced that we would be free to roam around freely. So know this, me,Daniel,Praaveen,Yarshun, Agilan,Madeliene and Nicole went to the small stalls which actually sold something whereas the others went to see the stuff that were only on display. So we saw loads of cool paintings.

So we went to this shop that were selling some nik naks, then me, Praaveen and Daniel so a bamboo whistle that was Rm 5. We immiediately bought it. Guess what... we bought the last three. After that we went about blowing our whistle's . Then Madeliene said something about the birds saying " Why the hell would humans sound like birds?!"

Many people started asking us where did we get it. We told them where we bought it. BUT they couldn't find it....HAHA!!

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