Friday, June 26, 2009

The Trip to Kompleks Kraf Tangan Kuala Lumpur ( PART 1)

Few days ago, the English society in my school had a trip to Kompleks Kraf Tangan Kuala Lumpur. The trip there took about 45 mins. Had loads of time to fool around and take pictures. Here are some pics in the bus( BTW there's no pics of me, ooops!!) :

Praaveen Licking Roller Coaster Off His Fingers

Daniel Choosing a Song For Us to Sing Along To

The outside of the place wasn't so bad. We saw a few foreigners and Harvind said
" Welcome to India! Yes, this place looks like India but it's Malaysia. So have a pleasant stay!

Agilan, Yarshun, Heeiran And Darryl Posing For The Camera


Inside the place.....

Doesn't look to bad either.

To Be Continued......


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