Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swimming Gala!!

Wassup peeps!! I had to get out of bed to go for this swimming gala in my club in Damansara. I joined freestyle,breast-stroke and joined butterfly last minute. When we got there, they announced "All swimmers please leave the pool because we are about to start." So me and my bros didnt get to warm up. =( Then the butterfly event started. I swam until my heart felt like popping. I would have gotten 3rd place but I was DQ (disqualified). Cause I didnt touch the wall with two hands. Damn!! Damn that turning judge!! Damn,Damn,Damn!!!! I missed the freestyle silver by 3 seconds!! But managed to get 3rd for breast-stroke. YAY!!! My bro,Kaelan, got 1st for freestyle and breast-stroke and another bro got bronze CONGRATS!!


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